First in Line (1998)

First in Line (1998) and I’m supposed to be a lazy bum here. I really had to stretch my acting skills and summon my most inner parts to play this role, and, I can’t even keep a straight face and go on with this massive fib.

The lady who directed my first two plays left at the end of my junior year.  She did a great job, but really, I think all of us were excited for a change.  When the new school year began, we got a new director, a truly wonderful, inspirational man.  Just in time for my senior year, of course.

He tried out the talent with a play of short vignette’s called First in Line.  The show was basically a series of sketches based on first experiences (driving, flying, buying a house, etc.)  The humor was simple, but the audience loved it, and let me assure you, it was the biggest audience I had ever acted in front of, by leaps and bounds.

The play was spot on.  All the talent that I knew that had existed at that school showed up in droves for this one.  The cast was huge, and allowed for me to meet so many more awesome people.

I look back at this time in my life very fondly.  I was well out of my depression, I had begun making peace with my awful past, and I was getting straight A’s for the first time in several years.  This is very much a time in my life I remember fondly.  Sure, not every day was perfect, but for a 16 year old who was destined to fail, I sure felt pretty darn successful then.



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