The Mizarks

Welcome to the holy grail of crap.

All of the songs on this album were written while I was in high school. I recorded this EP in my freezing cold unfinished basement using a $9 microphone I bought on clearance. Once I finished this album, I gave a few copies out to friends, and the reaction I got was, shall we say, not good. In addition to having a major falling out within my local music scene, the negative feedback made me put my guitar away for three years, and focus on other things.

While looking for classic material to complete my discography, I stumbled on this early mess. Although this is clearly my worst work, it’s also my first work. I want people to hear this album now because I knew I would get better from here. I knew I had the ability to improve on everything I had. Plus, I really loved the music, and wanted it documented.

Just remember, we all have to start somewhere.

  1. Late Night Arrival
  2. Trepidation
  3. Mistaken
  4. Devil of your Ways
  5. Eleven Days
  6. Majesty Uneasy
  7. Dreams

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