For his third full-length album, M.W. Stevens has ventured into the world of acoustic-alternative with the album Multiplex.  This album drops the hard rock and electric guitars, and is heavily inspired by the MTV Unplugged series, featuring 90’s alternative rock artists stripping most of their instruments down to a raw feel.

Multiplex was written and recorded over three years of on-and-off work.  The lyrics in these songs deal with happy topics such as love, marraige, relationships, and sex.  This album delves into the dark too, dealing with creative isolation, parenthood, homelessness, alcoholism, and even a heavy-themed Christmas song, which deals with failing to say goodbye to a loved one for the last time.

The album name and cover art are dedicated to my love of cinema, as well as the classic movie houses of years gone by.

  1. Pouring Rain
  2. My Dearest Stranger
  3. Shiver With You
  4. Cause and Cure
  5. We Never Speak of This
  6. More Than Dreaming
  7. The Missing Christmas
  8. Under a Darkened Sun
  9. Stalemate
  10. Same Situation