Nick Scoville is the lead singer of a somewhat popular local rock band named Out to Launch. After a terrible performance at a major festival causes the band to experience some growing pains, Nick takes solace by meeting an energetic fellow rock musician, Cathy Caulfield.

They fall for each other quickly, but there is much more to their relationship than meets the eye, as Cathy has many of her own demons to face.

Passion Project is the daunting tale of a man who may legally be an adult, but he isn’t a grown-up. And in his new world of love, lust, challenging relationships, and toxic friendships, he must learn to put his past behind him.


Brandon Adams is a recent high school graduate. He starts his summer with several hotel rooms rented at the beach, and no one to share them with. So with his best friends Pete and Toby, the three boys decide to have a no-holds-barred car race from the big city of Sundrift to the popular resort town of Stony Beach. The winner gets a free hotel room and the losers, well, they just get to be there!

Along for the ride are the two gorgeous and distracting girls Annie and Christy, the hateful dirty rat Craig, the prom king and queen Neal and Ashley, and the awkward outsider everyone calls “Matthew Misery.”

The field of competitors may seem diverse, but do they have what it takes to get down the ocean in one piece?