My TOP 10 Songs of 2021

After a three year hiatus (which I will back fill later) I present to you my TOP 10 Songs of 2021!

Of course these are just my opinions, but do realize that I am no longer the target demo for new music, so compiling lists like these get tougher by the year.

The Weinstein Award for Deepest Fall From Grace:
The Offspring – Let the Bad Times Roll

I want to be nice because this is a band that is light years past their prime, and Dr. Dexter Holland is far smarter than you and I will ever be, but damn dude, just, damn…

10. dizzy – chloe moriondo

This song gives me the same kind of soul-cleansing vibes that early Echosmith gave me. Fun fact, chloe moriondo was born on the day I was recovering from my 21st birthday party, so there’s that.

9. BED HEAD – Manchester Orchestra

Not as heavy as years past, but their chill tylenol-rock style is outstanding. Also, yes, I just invented the term “tylenol-rock” which is an offshoot of “grocery-core.”

8. MAKING A FIRE – Foo Fighters with Mark Ronson

There is something super classic rock about the vibe of this track, specifically this version. Really hoping Foo Fighters do another acoustic tour like they did for In Your Honor.

7. BITE ME – Avril Lavigne

This song sounds like a straight-up time machine trip to 2002, and I mean that with the utmost respect. Plus, Avril still looks amazing.


Ayron Jones is the next generation of the Seattle sound, bar none. Had a hard time picking, but this one got my vote for the list.

5. ABCDEFU – Gayle

There’s usually one song in this style every year I adore, and this is the one. Maybe it’s the lyrics I can relate far too well with.

4. BACK FROM THE DEAD – Halestorm

I’m pretty sure Lzzy Hale’s voice has the ability to actually wake the dead, and possibly generate electricity.


Soulful European singers with ambient music has been popular for a while now, and I am here for it all. If you don’t feel like absolutely taking on the whole world by the end of this song, you have no soul.

2. MIRACLE – First of October

One of my favorite side project bands, this song about the singer’s newborn daughter was written and recorded in minutes, yet, still proceeded to make the entire crew break down into ugly tears by the end. Oh, and it was recorded in one take (with rehearsals of course).


Holy f*ck, rock might be saved after all.

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