5 Products Many People Inexplicably Spent Money On

Obviously with the pandemic of 2020 throwing the world into a potential meltdown the likes of which humanity has never seen, people have become a bit better with how they spend money.

Even in better economic times, consistent recessions and bouncing levels of unemployment have made us aware of how much we should be saving and how much we should truly be conserving our precious incomes.

Yet, there are some things on this planet people have purchased that are downright insane. These are products that are just simply bizarre in nature, and explaining why someone would spend money on them makes so very little sense. But yet, freedom, I guess…

5. Ouija Board

Supernatural communication (batteries not included)

As a firm believer in the paranormal, I am not against the use of spirit boards, letter boards, or painting the alphabet on the wall and hanging up corresponding Christmas lights in an effort to talk with your missing son. But there is nothing special about the mass-produced versions by Hasbro that are widely available in any board game section of big box stores.

There is essentially just as much ability to contact the deceased in a box of Monopoly than there is with modern day Ouija. And for an average price of $20-30, it just seems like a colossal waste of money.

Also, the secret to modern-day Ouija? Batteries. Three AAA batteries. So spooky. So very, very spooky…

4. The Potato Salad Kickstarter

Back in the good ol’ days of 2014, a gentleman from Columbus, OH posted a Kickstarter using a stock photo of potato salad, and the simple four words, “I’m making potato salad.”

6,911 backers pledged a total of $55,000. 127 backers pledged at least $50 or more, with several donating over $100 towards the potato salad.

Hey, good for him for being successful in reaching his goal. But in a country where people can’t even donate a few cents each month to help feed the needy, it is absurd that a fundraiser such as this could do so well.

3. Pet Rock

In 1975, advertising executive Gary Dahl thought it would be a fun little experiment to put googly-eyes on a rock, put it in a carrier, and label it a “pet rock.”

This rock, which is just that, a rock, sold over a million units. Mr. Dahl became an overnight millionaire. One of the richest men in America sold rocks, and now makes more money than you (or me).

By the end of the year, millions of people now own a rock. In a box. Congratulations on your rock.

2. Star Wars Empty Box Promotion

The hottest Christmas toy of 1977 wasn’t a toy at all. It was an empty cardboard display.

Kenner, the toy company that created Star Wars toys wasn’t expecting the movie to become the small little success it became, and thus got caught with their pants down around their unprepared ankles. When it came to making enough toys to satisfy the demands of holiday customers, they needed a backup plan, fast.

While the company tried to figure out exactly how they were going to match their end of the bargain, they created the Star Wars Early Bird Special for the 1977 Christmas season. Which was, for all intents and purposes, an empty box. Buy the box, and we’ll send the figures out later. You might get them half a year from now, but you’ll get them. Trust us.

And because it made this list, clearly, it worked! The force was strong with this promotion.

Give your kids cardboard for Christmas this year. They’ll be indifferent with glee.

1. X-Ray Specs

Oh, young men, don’t tell me you didn’t want to buy glasses that would allow you to see through the clothing of all of your favorite lady friends!

Because, let’s be honest, why the hell else would anyone own a pair of these things? There is only one reason why anyone would spend a few bucks on these, and you should feel ashamed and dirty for you are a sinner.

X-ray Specs created an illusion of being able to look through clothing, but is merely nothing more than the ultimate gag gift for your pervy friends.

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