All Songs Ranked: The Downward Spiral

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the most noted industrial albums of all time, I have ranked all the songs from the original release.

This was a very tough album to categorize because, full disclosure, I’m not the biggest fan of industrial rock and electronica.  Having said that, I still believe this is a very important album during the 1990’s, and thus, deserves to be recognized on this day.  Please forgive me if I miss the point of anything because, again, this isn’t my regular style.

14) Big Man With a Gun – Not my favorite track, but I am curious, why do some reviewers considered this song the beginning of a cultural decline?  That much makes no sense to me.

13) I Did Not Want This – This song comes and goes in waves, but is generally pretty static in energy.  Doesn’t impress me to the level of most other songs on this album.

12) Ruiner – Another track I might be missing the point to.  Similarly to I Did Not Want This, there isn’t much variety in the overall tone.

11) The Becoming – Eerie track with an eerie undertone of people in panic.  Makes this track pretty darn disturbing to listen to.

10) Eraser – Another disturbing track that leaves the listener feeling uneasy.

9) Reptile – This song is quite robotic in nature, in regards to the mechanical sounds.  Might be a little long for what it is, but otherwise, some excellent songwriting.

8) The Downward Spiral – The out of tune guitar in the second half of this track is horrifyingly brilliant.

7) Mr. Self Destruct – A good tone setter for this album, this song is a celebration of loud noise, quiet noise, and everything in between.  The ending is brilliant and can really wake your senses.

6) Piggy – I consider this one “dark swing.”  It’s kind of fun in a depressing way.

5) Heresy – This one comes off like a fiery explosion of new wave into a new decade, almost like the destruction of electronic’s past.

4) A Warm Place – This track is gorgeous, and hits the soul hard with its ambient vibes.

3) March of the Pigs – Always has and will always make me want to mosh.  One of the best songs to vent frustration to.

2) Closer – Arguably the sexiest song ever written, this one will stand the test of time as a true classic and an anthem to a generation.

1) Hurt – Last but far from least, the emotion and sadness involved with this track is very definitive of the 1990’s, but this track captures a very real sadness that is minimal, yet crushing.  Amazing track.

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