All Songs Ranked: Siamese Dream

Happy 25th anniversary Siamese Dream!!

There may be like three albums I would dare give 5 stars, or believe should be protected by the Library of Congress. This is one of them. Since 25 years have passed since its release in 1993. I decided it was time to list the 13 tracks on this album. This is just my opinion, and yes there is personal bias here.

Honorable Mention – Pissant

This track is not on the original U.S. release of the album, but ends up later elsewhere. I wanted to mention it for those who do consider it part of the initial release.

13. Sweet Sweet

Not that this a bad song by any stretch, but something had to go last. Might as well place the song that sounds somewhat unfinished and not quite as up to speed with the rest of the bunch. This track is also by far the shortest on the album. Still, those are tiny details as there really isn’t a bad song on the album.

12. Quiet

Structurally one of the weakest SP songs, and not played live since the album’s first years. Yet, it’s still sort of the defining track of the album. This song is still very catchy and probably could have done well as a single at the time.

11. Luna

Classic love track to end the album properly. The use of the string ensemble is well placed and adds a great deal of emotion to the song. Great chord structure. If I were to make one single complaint about it, is that it reminds me of a woman from my past. Oops…

10. Geek USA

This is an amazing, complex track. When I learned how to play this album on the guitar, and yes I learned the entire album by the time I was 14 years old, this was the toughest song to learn. It’s only at number 10 because there are 9 songs better. That is how amazing Siamese Dream is.

9. Spaceboy

The Mellotron in this acoustic song is still one of my favorite instrumental touches to any album ever. Another one of my favorite Mellotron samples occurs in Mailman by Soundgarden, but that’s a list for next year.

8. Hummer

I love the Pumpkins because of their dynamics, and this is one of the most dynamic songs in their entire catalog. From the distorted sitar opening riff, to the thumping bass, this song is an early inspiration in most of my original work.

7. Today

Commonly known as the defining song on this album, this is my least favorite of the singles. Not much to say about it.

6. Rocket

The ending of this song is absolutely killer, as it feels like a It’s kind of amazing, and is probably my favorite song to play live. It also has one of my favorite videos with the kids building the rocket during the cookout.

5. Disarm

This song has bittersweet meanings for me, but it is still a very important track and I still love this song with the same feelings I had when I first heard it.

4. Soma

As a teenager, I would listen to this track on repeat. This song spoke volumes to me, as the quiet opening and the quiet ending are just as powerful as the insane solo in the middle. This is as cinematic as music gets without having a full orchestra behind you.

3. Mayonaise

This is an underrated American classic. One of the greatest songs ever written, dynamic, powerful, emotional, and somehow still ended up third on the list?

2. Silverfuck

The greatest dropped D tuned song ever. Fight me.

1. Cherub Rock

The anthem of a generation. Hearing this played at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA in 2007 to end the show was as close to a religious experience as I’ve ever felt.

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