My Future in Music

As of this year, 2018, I will have officially been a songwriter for 20 years.   Such a hobby has led me to playing concerts ranging from an empty house to over a thousand people.  I have played every kind of space imaginable from my friends’ backyards to nationally recognized concert venues.  I simply love to perform, as it is really the only talent I have.

However, the times, they are, a-changing.  I’m 36 years old, and I have the mindset of a businessman.  When I work, I demand results, and am not satisfied by failure.  Unfortunately, my products are failing.  I feel like the music is good, they just aren’t getting the hits, views, and sales I need to sustain the amount of time and energy I am putting into the songs.

Therefore, I have decided that for the time being, I need to take it down a few notches when it comes to my music.  I need to focus on the songs and the recordings I have already completed, before I create anything else that will just fall into the abyss.

Soon, I will uploading DELUXE VERSIONS of all four of my full length albums to the major streaming outlets (iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc).  These will include remasters of the original songs, the acoustic EPs that accompanied each album, b-sides, and other relevant live and bonus versions.  Earlier this year, I wanted to create an ultimate collection, and this will be it.

Once these albums are released, I am going on indefinite hiatus from recording anything new.  That is, until I have reached a level of success with my currently efforts that would make it worth the effort.

Again, music is pretty much the only talent I have.  I love making it.  I just don’t want to waste my time, isolate myself, and make my sickness worse.  Thank you for understanding why I am doing this.

And keep on the lookout for the Deluxe Editions!  Details are listed below, and if anyone has any requests or wants to hear something that isn’t listed, comment and let me know!

  1. The Mizarks (2005)
    • Formerly known as the awfully titled Digital Penetration, to which I am sorry for that name.
    • All Original Recordings – Remastered
    • Unreleased B-Sides
    • A previously unreleased, untitled 7-song EP, recorded in the winter of 2002
  2. Stark Madness (2007)
    • All Original Recordings – Remastered
    • Unreleased Live Versions from various venues
    • Ruffled Edges EP, sold at live shows
    • Live at Rams Head, a previously released 9-song live album
  3. Multiplex (2011)
    • All Original Recordings – Remastered
    • Unreleased B-Sides
    • My Dearest Stranger, a previously released 6-song EP
    • The Whitest Pale, an unreleased EP recorded in 2012
    • Alternate versions
  4. Nothing Can Go Wrong (2016)
    • Formerly known as The Nature of the World
    • All Original Recordings – Remastered
    • Crossing Under, a previously released 7-song EP
    • Alternate Versions

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