Self Love Series – Day 5: Write a Love Letter to Yourself

Dear Me:

This may seem obvious, but you are not defined by the 1 star rating a small part of society led you to believe.  You are worth far more than that and you know it.

This is going to happen in three steps.  Professional, physical, and emotional.

Professional – I want you to remember all the amazing times you’ve had in your career.  Think about all of the presidential candidates you’ve met.  The celebrities that stuck around for a picture when they didn’t have to.  The fact that you made a mistake regarding this career, but it wasn’t the worst thing you could have done.  You always have a chance.  You can always pull this together.  You’re so smart, you can’t be judged by the small percentage of bad people who took away your focus from the vast majority of good ones.

Physical – I want you to stop feeling weighted down by others who believe you’re gross.  People only think you’re gross because they just can’t connect to your level.  When that happens, you immediately need to become self-centered.  It’s not bad in small doses, so embrace it.  You have gained so many positive features in recent years.  In fact, you look nothing like you used to.  Don’t ever feel like admiring your physical self is wrong.  Don’t be afraid to be sexy.  Keep working hard on yourself, and you will just keep getting better with age!

Emotional – Whenever you feel down, remember that you are more blessed than 99% of the population on this planet, even if a small vocal minority tells you that you aren’t.  Yes, there are going to be people who will brag that their life is better than yours, but that’s only their opinion, and one that doesn’t count.  They may hate you for no reason, but that’s not because of me, it’s because of them.  They may tell you that your house is worthless, but they couldn’t be more wrong if they tried.  You have heat, four walls, a roof, a comfortable bed, a loving wife, friends, family, this world would be completely upside-down if you weren’t a part of it.  These are people who are so upset with their own life that they deal with it by taking it out on you.  It’s not your responsibility to oblige them.  Never forget that.

You are loved inside and out.  Keep kicking ass, you’re doing a GREAT job!

Love, Me

Task – Meditate for 3 Minutes

And this is different from any other day how?

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