Happy New Year! My Hopes for 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season!!  While I am extremely pessimistic in regards to world events this year, I am going to go into 2018 with an open mind, and a fresh start.

On a personal level, while I’m not quite as pessimistic, I have some of my own obstacles to overcome.  I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, but my brain feels like it’s dying.  I’m becoming forgetful, my anxiety is out of control, and I feel like I’ve lost control of most of my abilities to make good decisions.  Having said that, I’m physically the best shape I’ve ever been in.  So I don’t know what exactly is going on.

The best explanation I can make is that in 2017, I left my career in broadcasting after 13 years of working my way to the top.  Unfortunately, people like me are easily taken advantage of in such a field.  They know my options are limited, so I get burdened with the vast majority of the daily responsibilities while others in my position get immunity due to favoritism.  When it got to be too much, I had to leave.  Trust me, I didn’t want to.

Therefore, I am calling this my rebuilding year.  I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I will not self-diagnose anything that could potentially be a mental health issue, but I will admit that I am wired differently than a lot of other people.  I am going to rebuild my life knowing these facts, and will be better and stronger than ever.

Again, worldwide, I have little faith in humanity doing the best they can for each other, so I’m simply going to do the best I can for me.  Let’s make 2018 happen!



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