The Romantic(?) Summer Thunderstorm

Ah, there is truly nothing more romantic than a summer thunderstorm.

The breeze blowing upwards to 75 miles an hour. The birds are flying through the air along with my siding.

The random lightning strikes which cause only the most beautiful of wildfires.

The low rumbles of Thunder crashing down with the strength of a two megaton atom bomb.

The gentle showers creating flash floods and overwhelming sump pumps. My trash cans delightfully roll down the flooded alley while I chase after them. When it comes to placing a claim for flood insurance, there is no couples activity that makes you feel like teenagers again.

Alas! The joy and amazement when it knocks out the power and I have to live by candlelight. For days. Showering wherever I can. Charging my work phone at the library one town over, so I can at least finish my most basic tasks.

And when they strike at 3 in the morning when even the latest of night owls are trying to sleep?  Perfect timing! It’s like I have to shoot awake unnaturally for an hour or two just to soak up all the beauty.

Yes, summer thunderstorms are so romantic, they make quiet, clear nights just seem like the worst.


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