30 Things I Learned in my 20s

I wrote the first entry one month before I turned 30, and wrote my last entry on my 30th birthday.  I screwed up the numbers a lot and made tons of typos, so here’s the complete, cleaned up list for your enjoyment/education.

30) Never fear how bad an evening out on the town might be. You’ll probably come home with a hilarious story to tell.

29) Most people will tell you that you can’t be what you want to be. Don’t listen to them.

28) On the other hand, if you aren’t meant to be a rock star, it’s okay. Not too many of us are.

27) You don’t have to have the latest and the greatest gadgets to get by. (see the HP TouchPad)

26) Starting your own business is far easier in theory than reality.

25) Never tell someone you can make them famous unless you’re really really sure you can back it up.

24) “Ladies Night” is not nearly as awesome as advertised.

23) We all have that one fantastical dream when we’re young. If you don’t at least attempt to live that dream during this time, when will you?

22) He who hesitates, masters his domain.

21) Finishing college was extremely important to me. Not because of the content I learned in class, but rather the life lessons I learned on my own to get there. Besides, the more people told me I couldn’t finish just gave me more motivation to do it anyway.

20) One of my toughest decisions I ever made was ending a 4 year relationship I was still very happy in. For a while I was angry at myself for wasting all that time. But eventually I figured out I didn’t waste 4 years, but rather I saved the rest of my life from knowing I made a big mistake.

19) This one is for performers. Never express your disappointment when only a few people come to your show. Those few people, though few, gave up their valuable time and money to see you perform. Telling them to their face how much the crowd sucked is really insulting.

18) If someone tries to argue with you about religion or politics at the bar, RUN!!!

17) Remember Ben Affleck’s meltdown in Chasing Amy? Yeah, that doesn’t work nearly as well in real life.

16) College parties were way more fun before they invented camera phones.

15) Never let stupid people bring you down. I went through a lot of stupid people to figure this one out the hard way.

14) Beauty is not based on anything except your own confidence.

13)  If someone asks you “where do you see yourself in 5 years” at a job interview, don’t imply you’ll one day be their boss.

12) Ignorance is NOT bliss. You can only sweep your problems under the rug for so long until the rug explodes and you’re up to your eyeballs in it.

11) (written on 9/11 anniversary) I, as we all did this past decade, learned that there are people worldwide who hate America. They destroyed our people, our buildings, our economy, and our peace of mind. Never forget the sacrifices we made, and also never forget our progress!! We are rebuilding to be a great nation again, and one day we’ll get there.

10) Never go through life asking yourself “What if?” Everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn’t make any sense for a while.

9) Never be afraid to be different. Sheeple rarely make history.

8) When it comes to romance, playing games may be cute in high school. Beyond that, it’s called wasting my time.

7) Don’t drink too much Jack Daniels. You’ll wind up with a hangover and a drummer.

6) Engaging in your hobbies should be fun. The day you start putting your hobbies before your job, friends, or family is the day you crossed the line.

5) It’s okay if drinking-until-you-puke isn’t your thing.

4) I learned there are some wonderful people in my life who stood by me through some very rough and lonely times. For not passing judgment, rushing to conclusions, or jumping on the idiot bandwagon, I say thank you. You didn’t need to say much, but it was enough to keep me going.

3) A very wise lady told me that I’ll know exactly what I want out of life when I turned 27. By golly, she was right.

2) I learned that the 20s were an amazing decade of my life I’m never getting back. I think I enjoyed this decade as much as I possibly could. And to all the people who tried to take the joy out of it for me, no worries, karma is a hideous bitch goddess.


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