Flashback Music: What songs remind you of the past?

One of the biggest blessings/curses that we have as humans is the ability to reminisce about times in our lives when things were simpler.  It’s amazing to remember how fun the good times were, but also a curse that it’s in the past and can no longer be relived.

I’ve written a lot of music about this feeling, but now I’d like to actually write about a specific time and place.  The song is Never There by Cake.  Every time I listen to this song, I am reminded of my senior year of high school.  I met a lot of great friends performing in the fall play First in Line, I started playing in my first band, and I was having a blast chasing after all the hot girls.

The theater department, which had been in complete shambles, was quickly and successfully rebuilt by a new director.  I remember this song being on the radio as I was getting my costume together for opening night of the play.  I remember riding around with my friend Joe trying to find props for that night.  I remember the cute little stuff that happened when all the awkward teenage boys were trying to flirt with the awkward teenage girls.

As time was getting closer to the opening curtain, I remember feeling total euphoria.  I was excited that when the clock struck 8, I was going to do my thing in front of 800 laughing audience members.  And they laughed, and it was wonderful.

I remember going on my first dates, and feeling those new feelings I never had before.  Like holding hands.  Don’t laugh, it was a big deal at some point and you know it.  I remember how truly active my family and friends were in my life.

There was no social networking.  Instead, there was seeing each other and having a great time.  There was no professional jealousy.  Instead, we were all there for each other and did what we did because we loved it.  I remember the parties, the late night drives to nowhere, the countless trips to the movies.

That one song reminds me of these days like they just happened yesterday.

We all have these songs that make us remember these wonderful times.  I hope you have songs that do the same for you.  If so, what are they?  What are YOUR special memories brought on by one special song?

Take advantage of your memory.  Play some music and smile 🙂

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