The Meanings Behind My Songs. Ehh, Maybe Not.

I have written 40 songs since high school.  To some, that may be herculean.  To others, that would be a joke.  But to me, they’re 40 aspects of my life that I felt were not only worth documenting, but were also worth turning into music.

I am proud of, and love, every one of my songs.  Not only that, I would perform all of them for you right here, right now if I could.  But in addition to my desire to perform them, is my desire to go all VH1 Storytellers on you and tell you the story behind every one of those songs.

So do you really want to hear those song meanings coming from me?  Or would you rather listen to the lyrics and figure the meaning out for yourself?  Personally, I love it when the songwriter tells his stories behind the tunes, or even some of the history of the song.  (ie, when Dave Grohl explained why he put Big Me on hiatus for ten years.  Hi-la-ri-ous!) So when I play, I might throw a few details about it before I start playing.

I’m curious, my lovely readers, what is your take on this?  Give you the meanings?  Or figure them out on your own?  Discuss.

2 Replies to “The Meanings Behind My Songs. Ehh, Maybe Not.”

  1. Depends on my mood. Would love to dig up more stuff from Corgan about his process. I've written somewhere close to a hundred since I was eighteen, out of touch with many of them at this point though(not sure where I put that damn master list). I love stuff like Storytellers, but prefer to make my own determination first. That's my final answer.


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